Categories and How To Enter

Finding, seeing and sharing value in the sketchbook

There are five categories to submit to with prizes to be announced soon. The categories are—

The least ‘Sketchbook’ Sketchbook

For this category we want you to explore what a sketchbook is to you, how do you get your idea out of your head and document them. How far away from a conventional sketchbook is your work?

Thinking in a Sketchbook

This category is for those of you who work traditionally in sketchbooks, we want to see how you figure things out. Do you use drawings, words, diagrams, photographs, etc. How do you communicate your ideas and process on a page?

Working in 3D

Do you document your ideas through making? Lots of people create physical objects to show their thought process, if this is you, we would love to see how you do this!

Digital Sketchbook

For those of you who work digitally or with moving images, this is for you. We would love to see your digital sketchbooks; this can involve moving images but is not necessary. How do you record your work, is it a series of images or is it in video format?

The Sketchbook as an art piece

Artists books can be beautiful, refined, handcrafted objects to inspire and influence creatives. If you have a sketchbook that you would consider as the art piece you can enter this category!

How to Submit Your Sketchbook

Please complete our online application form and send your submissions to from 4 June 2020.

For further details on what to include with your submission please see the application form.

Please note — By entering your work into the Sketchbook Prize, you are granting a non-exclusive perpetual licence to Manchester School of Art and Manchester Metropolitan University to reproduce images of your work on our website, social media accounts and in publicity materials. All creators of utilized work will be credited.