Elsie Goodfellow

Elsie Goodfellow BA (Hons) Fine Art 2020

I have always had a fascination with ‘process art’ and making the process of my paintings the main focus instead of the completed work itself, constructing the subject of the artwork to be about the path that I took to get to the final pieces, making it a prominent aspect. I want the journey to be always visible. In the last 6 months ‘Palimpsest’ and ‘erasure’ has led my studio practice so that the longer you look one of my paintings the more you notice previous layers. During the process of layering and obscuring areas and scratching and scraping into the painting, connections form, conjures a new interest in the surface’s possibilities allowing there to be diverse layers and apparent aspects seeping through the surface. I add disturbed lines because I love the relationship between drawing and painting, these lines are controlled as they emerge and dissolve throughout the paintings.

I paint large abstract paintings with various sweeping, floating brush marks that go from one side of the painting to the other. I am enthusiastic about working with colours and various techniques and I work in a fast-paced, intuitive, manner, breaking the boundaries of minimal and over worked.