Interior Design

Welcome to BA (Hons) Interior Design where we are primarily concerned with occupation of space, how it is used and importantly, how it is experienced. We promote the understanding and subsequent remodelling of existing spaces, in order to create meaningful interventions. The occupant or ‘protagonist’ is central to design proposals and the buildings usually, but not always, already exist. Our programme sits within the context of ‘architecture and the built environment’ but is concerned with organisation and spatial experience at a more relatable human scale.

This year has been unprecedented for the graduating classes of 2020 with the unfolding coronavirus lockdown situation. Our students have handled the transition from on-campus to online teaching with commitment, diligence and courage, and have created some exceptional work during lockdown. We couldn’t be prouder of them and wish them all the very best for the next stage of their creative journeys.

This digital showcase highlights our two third year studio projects:

ID4 : Final Major Project : Ancoats

The FMP project is an opportunity for students to showcase who they are as a designer by generating a project that is theoretically and academically underpinned by relevant philosophies and ideas, whilst meeting the professional expectations of the discipline. This year the projects are in response to 3 buildings in the historic area of Ancoats in Manchester.

Unit X : The Future of Shelter

Unit X is a collaborative art school project which this year showcases student proposals for a live project working with Hemingway Design, design consultant Lesley Batchelor. The brief is responding to the future of the retail charity shop Shelter, and the multifaceted role of charity shops in the community. Student work is in response to the Preston Shelter Furniture Shop and a hypothetical Pop Up in Manchester.

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