Three Dimensional Design

This year’s in-progress Three Dimensional Design exhibition showcases a diverse range of projects from our graduating students. The digital exhibition format questions our expectations of viewing and experiencing three dimensional objects, challenging us to consider how we communicate our creative process and the value that we place on materiality and making as part of this.

The projects you will see in this exhibition represent a spectrum of creative practices in design and craft that explore our interactions with objects in everyday life, from the functional to the playful, the recyclable to the cherished. Exploration and experimentation are driven by each student’s personal creative agendas, generating proposals that enhance, and examine, the relationships we build with the objects that surround us in our material world. We hope that you enjoy the exhibition and gain insight into our creative practices as we all continue to be work in-progress!

The staff team congratulates every student and applauds the creative resilience they have demonstrated in completing their studies, contributing to this celebration of their practice!  We wish you all well!

‘The following videos showcase how our students have been ‘Maintaining Creativity’ throughout lockdown, adapting traditional workshop processes through alternative and innovative platforms.’

20 profiles