Sketchbook Collective

The Sketchbook Collective celebrates and accentuates processes undertaken by each individual in the show, it highlights the methodologies, innovative ideas, the importance of process, experimentation, discovery and development and aims to evoke further thoughts, possibilities and generate
responses from visitors to the shows.

Founded in 2017 by a collective of multi-disciplinary international MA students at Manchester School of Art, the Sketchbook Prize offers a creative platform for designers, artists, architects and makers to display their thinking process.

The Sketchbook Collective invites current Manchester School of Art students, members of staff and teachers from the region to submit their sketchbooks. We invite submissions from across all disciplines and levels. Submissions are open to all formats of sketchbooks: physical, digital, three dimensional, or however you keep your personal ‘book’.

Collaborative sketchbook

Each week via Instagram we are asking for visual responses to different themes. These will be collated and curated into a collaborative sketchbook which will be shown alongside the category submissions at the online event.

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