Graphic Design

Graphic Design is a hands-on, ideas-driven studio-based course. Identifying issues or problems to solve, it actively encourages students to develop intellectual curiosity and approach them in an unconventional manner using both print-based & digital solutions. Questioning boundaries and how one experiences design, graduates enter industry as conceptual creative thinkers in a variety of roles.

This year’s graduates have explored an array of subject matter and tackled several contemporary issues within society as part of their studies. They have formed ‘flipside’ a non-profit organisation, which aims to “inspire positive change and educate visitors on themes including diversity within the design community and the responsibilities we have as designers.” – Jada Giwa, FlipSide Founder

The students have self-funded and produced a website showcasing their work as well as conducting panel discussions on current issues within design, workshops and student interviews on social media. Please visit Flipside to take a look.

Liz Wheeldon-Wyatt

Programme Leader, Graphic Design BA (Hons)

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