Holly Florence Smith

Holly Florence Smith BA (Hons) Fine Art 2020

As an artist I look to awaken my subject matter. Reinventing interior design as it functions within a painting. I find my work lies between still life and interior design. What motivates me is to find rhythm between the objects and obedience in colour, function and pattern within the space. To succeed I reason over an objects true function or for a new purpose because of colour and structure. Like a poem or a puzzle everything is there for a reason. 

Inspired by moments of light and dark, painting shadows and creating illusions within perceptional lines. The work is encouraged by architectural structure and simply plotting objects that resonate in pattern, colour, function. My compositions are often dreamlike and expressive. Of course, colour is a big part in my work. Colour is two different things, The colour palette and the material. As for the palette itself, it is very individual. I think the colour is close friend of the psyche, a kind of mode. The relationship I have with colour changes all the time and is the reason for my paintings. Regrading the material, acyclic paint attracts me the most. Acrylic gives a flat even surface and allow me to move the painting quickly around the canvas. Ending up with work that reflects objects in their most exaggerated forms. 

For me it's about modern design, surface, colour and furniture. Finding discipline within the true function of objects within a space. I like working around organic and straight forms within a painting. For example a series of round objects; a lamp, mirror and plant pot. Placed in-between straight lines, a curtain, surface walls and rugs. I also like freeing up the control over a pattern, I play with the recurring but loosen the similarity between them. Using this space to playing with existing design. I build upon pillars of still life drawing and interior design, mostly I paint depictions of everyday settings.

As a Kentish born artist I deal with depicting objects in all possible ways, linen bedding with shiny ceramic pots. Being inspired by the language of these objects and understanding forms and their placement within interior. I hope to reveal how intrigued I am with my surrounding.

Papayas (100cmX100cm) Acrylic on canvas.
Small interior tiles. A5 Acrylic on paper
Morning Papayas. A5 Acrylic on paper
Chess. (120cmX90cm) Acrylic and charcoal on canvas
Room. (80cmx100cm) Acrylic on canvas
Pink Room. (35cmX55cm)
Green Room. (35cmX55cm)
Bananas. (120cmX90cm) Acrylic on Canvas
Overpriced Pret Coffee. (180cmX220cm)