Krystina Tyrtania

Krystina Tyrtania BA (Hons) Fine Art 2020

Krystina Tyrtania (b.1998) is an artist whose discipline spans across sculpture, film, sound, writing, photography and drawing. This body of work questions what it means to be watery and interrogates the interconnectedness of femininity and fluidity. Combining materials such as ice alongside glass, silk and steel, she challenges how we visualise water - not just as what we consume, but the common that ties all beings together in a web of watery existence.

Our bodies are made up of 60% water - we're over half full with liquid that has dripped, flooded, puddled and splashed for millennia, fuelling a never-ending evolution of life. We sustain our very own existence through other webs of physical intimacy and fluid exchange. Tyrtania's work seeks to play with this interconnectedness of bodies, exploring what it means to be a watery body, one charged by fluidity. In a world framed by the real threat of climate change, Tyrtania questions what liquidity is, in an everchanging, melting landscape.

Blown glass, silk
Glass droplet filled with rainwater.
Digital photographic print on Habotai silk.
Concrete mixed with rain water, seagrass, digital print on silk, steel frame and iron screws.
Photographic print, silk, tracing paper and pencil.
In progress shot of the glass droplets.
'Hold Fast, 2020
Copper piping and polymorph plastic.
Studio - ideas and plans.
My studio
'Blood' 2020
Manhole Cover
Llyn Celyn