Louise Jannetta BA (Hons) Fine Art 2020

The main themes that inform the work are the myths that we live by and the paradox of our assumed autonomy whilst relinquishing choice. The works response is not pedagogic but explorative, visually and often humorously examining human’s ritualistic dance round constructed realities.

The work negates the all-consuming influence and dependence on our technological prosthetics by attempting to reinstate innate corporeal cognisance. This sensorial, physical consciousness has yet to be fully evaluated, but has been acknowledged to create meaning that informs more forcefully than logic and rational.

I choose oil painting as my medium to visualise possibilities. It contains the necessary elements, rich colour, viscosity and texture to achieve the desired alchemy. Its earthy substance grounds by primordial association and the construction or composition releases imaginative speculation. The combination of object and radical materiality suspends time and identity in a mix of potential states of becoming. Time and identity are contained in the territory in and around the object; past present and possible futures materialised through incarnated experience.

Framing the work as Art offers a point of exploration in a safe environment granting permission to engage with trauma, desire, possibility and obsession within the safe confines of an established social convention. This induces an intrusive but guiltless probing inquiry not as a narrative constrained by language but a diagrammatic, rhizoid constellation of imagined and experienced possibilities.