Mai-Ling Newstead

Mai-Ling Newstead BA (Hons) Fine Art 2020

When talking about negativity and its ability to take control of us, I believe many  of us are in the same boat. We are all linked by our understanding of sadness and how it can affect things around us.  A key starting point in my work is the depression I have felt since I was given everything surrounding my adoption, one off the main pieces being a present of a rabbit toy I received from my birth mother. Although my work is considered personal, I believe that many people understand the hardship that comes from a sensitive subject such as this one. There is always as sadness around a toy that has never been played with, yet is in the possession of  a child, a sadness and curiosity as to what led to a toy being untouched.

With my work I hope to create a connection between people and the emotions they feel towards the objects presented to them. By creating an abundance  of pieces  that surround and confront people, I hope to bring forward thoughts and memories that would otherwise be hidden in the past. I hope that when others view my work they are able to confront their own negativity, as I have done with mine, and control it, rather than allowing it to control them.