Millie Radiguet BA (Hons) Fine Art 2020

Studying fine arts has been a mind bending expirience, leading me towards sculpting my own method of communication through painting and making, and helping me realise what makes a good image. My painting practice is very much a version of play. Play that teaches me more with every mark that makes itself.  The line that separates being in control of the process, and the process controlling myself, is very fine and often crosses over. The intent of my paintings is to subsidise an existing thought for the viewer, that’s why I always try to make work that can relate to everyone in some way or another – even if the intention of my message is perceived as something completely different. My paintings are an insight to my personality and a way for me to express myself. I don’t make work for it to make sense to the people who view it, but to do the opposite. I want people to find my paintings intriguing and strange, maybe at time uncomfortable to look at, yet still with elements of beauty.