Stephanie Leighton Plom

Stephanie Leighton Plom BA (Hons) Fine Art 2020

“The entire process of memory at first eludes consciousness.” (Freud) The space between the real truth and the imagination is vast. I seek to penetrate this liminal space through drawing, transferring what is immaterial in to a physical vessel in which I can explore my own recollection and imagination. Drawing enables me to bridge the gaps between what is real and imagined; physical and intangible. The paper beneath a drawing is a lightweight membrane whose own materiality is usually ignored or overlooked. It enables the drawing to be supported without distraction of its physicality; it’s thinness and linearity allowing for the lines to come to life and hold permeance in the world. Through drawing I seek to question and probe the mystery of recollection, and to explore the unbounded potential for the intangible to emerge. 

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