Abbie Dorman

Abbie Dorman BA (Hons) Graphic Design 2020

Hi! I’m Abbie and I’m a graphic designer.

My interests as a designer (and general human being!) include technological advancements and digital platforms; not only the creative possibilities they bring such as interactivity and access to education but also the moral and ethical questions they raise.'Bodies to Bytes' is a project that tackles these topics head on.

During Covid-19, I was disappointed that lockdown resulted in many exhibitions being postponed in a time where we arguably needed engaging and visually stimulating education the most. If not cancelled, online exhibitions were lacklustre and rarely replicated the rich experience of visiting a physical exhibition. Hence, 'Bodies to Bytes' was born; a proposed online exhibition exploring the ability of DNA to store digital data. In the digital age, and during this pandemic, we are producing more digital data than ever before and this comes with issues. DNA data storage proposes real and sustainable solutions to these problems, however many people don't realise it exists. In fact, one gram of data can store 215 million gigabytes of data…jeez. This exhibition tackles not only the current, and perhaps less thought of, issues of the current pandemic but also highlights how digital platforms allow us to continue the immersive experience of exhibitions online. Engaging education doesn't need to stop during lockdown, and this project shows that designers can help facilitate this. Through creating engaging and thoughtful visuals, we can help ease the strain of education during a pandemic.

Please feel free to send me an email, for a chat about anything and everything; or instead visit my website ( which showcases projects that cover a wide variety of themes and media.