Evie Herbert

Evie Herbert BA (Hons) Graphic Design 2020

Ology- ‘Any science or branch of knowledge’.

Ology is a mixer that will work to replenish your dopamine stores as you drain them - through drinking alcohol - which means you won’t feel down the next day seeking more alcohol to get the ‘buzz’ you had while you were drinking. Alcohol has a powerful effect on dopamine activity in the brain. When we drink, the brain’s so-called reward circuits are flooded with dopamine, but over time alcohol can cause dopamine levels to plummet, leaving you feeling miserable and desiring more alcohol to feel better.

I have selected 4 ingredients known to boost dopamine levels so that as the consumer drinks spirits, if they choose Ology as their mixer, our drink will balance out the dopamine reduction in the brain.
As Ology is working to boost dopamine levels and therefore leave consumers feeling happier the next day, I have decided that a collaboration with Pantone would be fitting - Ology will release new packaging every year so our can is always the ‘colour of the year’ and always up to date. Here I have demonstrated how the design is adaptable to any colour using the last 20 colours picked for colour of the year.

Advertisements will stick to the brand identity of using the colour of the year along with the consistent and recognisable green pattern of the Rhodiola Rosea - one of the 4 dopamine boosting ingredients. Above shows a billboard mock up showing the Ology logo becoming clearer demonstrating how the drink can help clear your foggy brain and brighten your mood the next day. The square ads are to be used on social media with the spirit and illustration scrolling vertically to show the drinks versatility to be used with your spirit of choice.