Charlotte White BA (Hons) Interactive Arts 2020

My practice refers to conceptual themes envisioned through lens-based art predominantly digital photography and video content. I interact with photography as an art form in which I desire to create an atmosphere through portrait photography by adopting the camera as a tool to make a statement rather than documentation.

I use the camera as an expression of visual elements for artistic purposes, I intend to call attention to concepts that people may overlook. My most recent work reflects themes of passing time and the future, with the perception of technology. Exploring how bodies and identities are consumed and perceived in relation to the digital evolution. Focusing on the individual's connection with their digital persona's and how they are consumed. Emphasizing on the memorisation of technology and the camera-ready culture. 

Exploring hyper-reality and consumerism in the formation of the power of technology. Articulating the aesthetic phenomena in an unchanging form, considering the themes of preoccupation invoking the phenomena of prepossession and the human experience. These themes are communicated through portraiture that captures mood through light and atmosphere. Colour conjures images with an immersive atmosphere, I value creating colourful images, giving energy to the portrait, which provides me to appropriate photography as an art and endorse the viewer to experience the concept. This designates capturing atmosphere by looking at the basis of aesthetic with the modes of sensory and body perception.