Freya Slack BA (Hons) Interactive Arts 2020

During my second year on Interactive Arts, I started a project called Don’t Cramp My Style; a small red book all about periods that is placed in public bathrooms that is free to take away. The idea stemmed from the government's lack of support when it came to teaching school children about periods. 

The riso-printed book includes pages on what a period is, what to do if you miss a period and your options, trans people and their periods, resources and so much more. 

These books have been placed at Sidney Street Cafe LGBTQ+ Centre, The Whitworth Art Gallery, MMU Union, The Horsfall @ 42nd Street and will be on display at the Vagina Museum in Camden, London alongside their exhibition on periods which has been postponed due to COVID.  

Don’t Cramp My Style also creates events showcasing testimonial artwork and performances all about periods. These events create a safe platform for people to talk openly and safely about menstruating. 

Don’t Cramp My Style received funding from the Whitworth Young Contemporaries in the summer of 2019, has held two successful art events raising money to tackle period poverty in Manchester, printed over 1000 books, and is now an official Hey Girls UK Donation Partner. 

Don't Cramp My Style Logo
DCMS booklets at Sidney Street LGBTQ+ bathrooms
DCMS Book Animation