Lucy Macpherson

Lucy Macpherson BA (Hons) Interactive Arts 2020

My practice is influenced by a fascination with the mind and the very nature of reality. As a result of this curiosity, in 'Allegory' I explore reality through the lens of the newspaper, a habitual documentation of the everyday. I aim to compromise the integrity of the news both physically and figuratively. Through the act of manipulation, I hope to gesture towards themes of censorship and subjectivity. The porous nature of the cuttings allows light to pass right through them, casting shadows as identifiable words or just symbolic blank spaces, lost in translation. The viewer is only ever exposed to the shadows, making reference to Plato’s allegory of the cave. The philosophy in which shadows on a cave wall are mistaken for reality.

As a practitioner my body of work is cross-disciplinary, seamlessly commenting on themes of reality and our mental experiences. I aim to draw attention to neurodiversity and embrace different psychological experiences through the medium of art. My practice extends beyond the studio and into social engagement within cultural and medical institutions.

All credit goes to Otis Jordan for the soundtrack 'Tugboat’

Digital 'Paper cutting''
Digital 'Paper cutting'