Danielle Ives

Danielle Ives BA (Hons) Interior Design 2020

Pamela Rylands Award: Third Year Recipient 2020

This award was established in Pamela Rylands memory, to benefit talented students and at the staff team's discretion is awarded to two interior design students annually.

Simpson Haugh Architects 'Professional Employability' Award: Commendation

Judges comment...'intriguing, optimistic and characterful approach with playful use of colour and overlays come together to form a good representation of design intent...'.



Latin for Pathways

As an emerging designer in an age of real-world social disconnect, I believe the spaces we design should highlight the importance of our health, happiness and wellbeing. I am interested in exploring and responding to how different spaces make us feel whilst acknowledging how imperative human interaction can be. These factors are an essential component and dimension of architecture that needs to be carefully treated, all in which are a main focus of Semita. 

Semita uses architecture and psychogeography to support a human centred approach to urban planning and has been driven by three design principles; Responsive and Regenerative Design, Design that focuses on wider-city integration and design solutions that focus on age-friendly communities. 

This scheme provides a unique city experience, which is focused around a persons well-being, movement and interaction in the space to help promote a happier and healthier way of living. The concept celebrates the life and activity between buildings as human contact is an essential component of urban life. By designing different placemaking activities, Semita hopes to encourage individuals to slow down and appreciate their surroundings aside of their normal routine. 

Through the use of different pathways and the Semita Cycle lane, the building hopes to empower individuals to live more active lifestyles. This will positively contribute to the environment by decreasing Ancoats carbon footprint whilst having huge health benefits for those using the facilities. This scheme incorporates biophilia into the design which is based on evidence that shows people are happier, healthier and more productive when in regular contact with nature. By planting abundant greenery, using natural materials and providing views to nature, Semita hopes to improve the quality of life in Ancoats. Thus enhancing social interaction, urban recreation the sensory experience for each and every customer.