Safa Diab

Safa Diab BA (Hons) Interior Design 2020

‘Dementia In town’ is a design project that aims to tackle the design approach for people living with dementia and issues they face on a daily basis. The designed place consists of exploring and evaluating various strategies used

to create a dementia friendly environment for these sufferers and their carer. Dementia concerns people on a global level, and as research shows that a large number of people suffer from this illness in the UK.

This space enables those with dementia to experience easier wayfinding, and socialising through the wide variety of activities, which cater to their needs, both physically and emotionally. These activities include art & dance classes, alongside board games and advice centres to allow dementia sufferers to take part in joyful experiences and express themselves. It is a place that understands and appreciates the disease and provides the support needed accordingly. Dementia In Town is not only a place for dementia patients, but also for their families, friends and carers in a bid to

unite and break the barriers and stereotype that society has created towards people living with dementia.

As a designer, I have a passion to use my design skills and knowledge to support those with special needs, improve quality of lives and help use design principles in favour of those with difficult conditions, to make life as easy as possible for them.