Isabel Rose Walker

Isabel Rose Walker BA (Hons) Photography 2020

Isabel Walker’s final degree project ‘Perspective’ has seen her explore the process and tools behind the creation of art. Her work centers around the questions of what art is and what makes an artist? Due to covid-19 and lockdown guidelines, Isabel had to reevaluate her practice as she was no longer able to go outside. This led her to looking into internet art, creating images using google street view and google earth. It has led her to cross examine her own work and her role as a creator as she is appropriating found imagery from the internet. 

Isabel’s work also raises questions about how an image can give meaning through its context. By taking these images from the internet and removing them from their original purpose. She chose to look at the natural landscape using the google platforms, to show all the feelings of wanting to escape from all the chaos that was going on around her due to the pandemic. Addressing the notions of how photography constructs our appreciation of the natural world.