Josie Hunt

Josie Hunt BA (Hons) Photography 2020

Josie Hunt is a photographer whose practice focuses on human interaction and communication. Her work involves a combination of the street and the studio as she explores instances of the everyday through the process of re-contextualisation. 

Her practice emphasises the often-undervalued qualities of the mundane, proving that what is beyond our frame of awareness and appreciation is just as important as what is within it. 

The Minimal Gesture looks into how everyday gestures are used as powerful tools of communication. In addition to this, The Minimal Gesture also investigates how gestures can be used to explore a relationship, in this case between her and her partner and her and her mother. The artworks exploring her relationship with her partner reflect wider social, political and cultural contexts surrounding race. Whereas the intimate images she captures of her and her mother explore the journey of their relationship and the strength of the bond that they share. These photos were taken when COVID-19 struck and the lockdown was implemented, meaning Hunt had to move back home and adapt her practice accordingly. 

Many gestures are spontaneous movements that are done without thought, we tend not to really acknowledge the significance of them. This work draws attention to their importance in building and demonstrating relationships as well as in everyday communication.