Niamh Phillips

Niamh Phillips BA (Hons) Textiles in Practice 2020

I am a textile designer specialising in print for interiors. I create designs from my own hand-drawn artwork. Throughout my practice I have experimented with different media and drawing styles, taking inspiration from the shapes and forms found within natural environments. With reference to vintage botanical art, I have been able to combine my interest in the various patterns, lines and forms found in nature. I have been particularly drawn to more unusual plants with repeating elements within their structure to create a more striking, contemporary design. My inspiration mostly comes from the outdoors. I enjoy visiting botanical gardens, wildlife parks and museums to gather my drawing research.

The work I produce is mainly digital, which focuses on my drawings and use of colour and scale onto a range of fabrics for interiors. I am particularly interested in combining processes, creating designs made up of both digital and handcrafted elements. I enjoy painting in various styles and mediums and translating these through photoshop to create my designs. Investing my time in hand processes, my print designs involve the conversion of hand drawn elements on paper into digitally printed imagery on fabric, in combination with hand screen printing.

During my final major project I took inspiration from my trip to New York and Taki Katei’s exhibition in Liverpool, I utilised my photography and drawing skills in order to produce an asian fusion collection; inspired by oriental designs and art deco buildings. Furthermore, this project allowed me to explore luxury, high end designs which has inspired me to further develop my own practice, i.e. exploring different fabrics.

Following my graduation, I aspire to work and gain experience in the print design industry, in order to build my portfolio and to continue to learn and develop my skills as a designer.