Emma Bradburn

Emma Bradburn BA (Hons) Three Dimensional Design 2020

Specialising in hot glass, I experiment with how layers and textures interact with each other and how these changes can happen within the making process. Using the idea of inlaying and encapsulation within the hot glass and the way machinery can impact the finish of the piece makes me want to push the boundaries of these methods. The endless possibilities of sandblasting is an interest of mine and how it can go from creating subtle changes to allowing for encapsulations which forms the basis of my exploration.

Throughout this project of exploration I want to take research I have gathered from five different locations within the UK and show the geological processes that have taken place to produce what they are today and showcase that in a way where you appreciate the glass work first then realise what the details are portraying.

Taking inspiration from geology and the natural world, the wide variety of types and the formation of each one has influenced my pieces and how I incorporate this information can show these locations in a different light creating talking points for each one. The fact that these natural rocks have different conditions intrigues me and the fact that this can lead to uncertainty in the colour and irregularity of grain coarseness becomes an inspiration. This has allowed me to create some profile lines using contour lines from locational maps and my own drawings showing the landscape.