Joe Williams

Joe Williams BA (Hons) Three Dimensional Design 2020

I am a Concept Artist & Designer, primarily creating dystopian, narrative based concepts. When I started designing for the future, I discovered an interest in Utopia and Dystopia, exploring potential futures, and the objects that inhabit them. As my practice evolved, my exploration of 3D modelling, photography and digital artwork formed a unique communication of relatable, yet often unusual ideas of our future. Film has become a very prominent inspiration for my work, with many films investigating the idea of dystopia, and utilising aesthetics, style, and design to strengthen the fictitious narrative, that we seem to find so entertaining.

My work tends to feature a subject, or a character, acting as a model for my dystopian piece. In most cases, I have ended up being drawn to the idea of a wearable, or essential device, that becomes so commonplace in the context of the future, but abnormal or even disturbing to us now. One of my latest concepts revolves around the idea of social media presence, and comments upon the idea that in the future, our mouths will provide very little function to us in terms of communication and expression. Our face will simply carry a physical representation of our reliance on social media presence, and online validation.

I have had the opportunity to expand this narrative and explore dystopian ideas alongside fashion designer Oscar Munro. Through digital development, I was able to evolve shape, style, and colour, to convey a world in which our emotion and expression is manipulated by facial masks, that become so normal, that they are fashionable. The collaboration is ongoing. I hope to further explore conceptual art & design, by contributing to film and TV production, with unique and impactful visual development.