Niamh Holmes

Niamh Holmes BA (Hons) Three Dimensional Design 2020

My name is Niamh Holmes and I am a product designer based in Manchester. I have a particular interest in designing functional, interactive products that will have a positive impact on the lives of their users. Over the last three years I have become increasingly more involved with the outdoor industry and community as a whole around Manchester, from being a leader of the Mountaineering society to working for the outdoor retail store Ellis Brigham. This year I decided to integrate my love of design with my knowledge and experience of the outdoor industry and thus created my product called 'No Trace'. 'No Trace' is a period pack that aids the management of a period when adventuring outdoors. This product was largely influence by personal experiences of mine as well as insights I learnt from my dissertation about the changing gender balance in outdoor adventure sports. I wanted to create something that commented on the current rise in female involvement within the adventure sport cummunity whilst also using the product to further encourage this upward trend. Inclusivity and equal opportunity within the outdoor community is something that I care deeply about and I hope this is something that is reflected within my product. I have first-hand experience of how leading an adventurous outdoor lifestyle can positively impact your mental and physical health and I believe that, through my design work, I can empower others to get outside and experience this for themselves.

Please see my 'No Trace' product tour video for a more in depth explanation of my product.