Interior Design award winners 2020

Awards (awarded by staff team)

Original Concept:

Winner: Sarah Cox – Ecco Un Poco

In depth research into context and site which then fully informed the concept. Elegant and restrained main visuals, with a potentially equally inspired backdrop.

Design Thinking & Innovation: 

Winner: Emma Harvey – Library of Voices

Emma is a natural designer, such a thorough and informed process through rigorous research and testing.

Runner Up: Sarah Hartley – Allotment

Brilliant protagonist research and design solution for a hybrid space

Joint winner: Phoebe Collin – The Synergy

Joint winner: Ieuan Williams – Agronomist Fuse

Outstanding 2D Communication:

Winner:Emily Pester- Commerce Mill

Project has strong sense of identity and visual language showing an understanding of the building, strong communication through diagrams and sections.

Runner Up: Charley Fisher-Raybould – Sensorium Mill

From materiality collages to 3D protagonist journey, the journey very successfully and beautifully communicated.

Best in Show:

Winner: Ezster Lukacs Metanoia: Planting Mindfulness

Very confident and successful banner, shows level of interior detail and understanding of materiality whilst maintaining strong conceptual underpinning.

Industry Awards

Lisa MacFarlane – Seven Architecture, director:

Winner: Kate Demmerling – Waulk Mill

A high-quality project that brings out the industrial architecture through complimentary material and cohesive and well detailed design ideas.

Simpson Haugh Architects ‘professional employability award’ – awarded by Rachel Haugh, founding partner:

Winner: Kate Demmerling – Waulk Mill

Visually strong, cohesive composition comprising a clear set of concept diagrams and plans together with legible and realistic vignettes with a good sense of materiality.

Commendation 1: Poppy Cambridge – MASS

Seductive and atmospheric composite illustrations combine to form an evocative though slightly ambiguous whole.

Commendation 2: Danielle Ives – Semita

Intriguing, optimistic and characterful approach with playful use of colour and overlays come together to form a good representation of design intent.

Pamela Ryland Award

Funded by a legacy gift from Pamela Ryland who studied Interior Design at Manchester School of Art and went on to run her own successful interiors business, this award was established in her memory, to benefit talented students and is awarded annually to two Interior Design students.

  • Second year recipient 2020 – Forrest Hu
  • Third year recipient 2020 – Danielle Ives

Sheppard Robson ID:SR Award – awarded by Andrew German, managing partner

Winner: Sarah Cox – Ecco Un Poco

Alumni Award – awarded by Lois Blackwell, ex-student and graduate teaching intern (current)

Winner: Poppy Cambridge – MASS