Carol Holmes

Carol Holmes BA (Hons) Animation 2020

Throughout my time on the Animation course here at MMU, I narrowed down my wide variety of interests into a small handful. Primarily I am a Concept Artist, focusing primarily on Character Design, in which I am competent with traditional and digital techniques. I have an ever changing art style which allows me to adapt to other artstyles as well. This adaptability has been incredibly useful as a freelance artist since many commissioners have a pre-existing artstyle in mind. In my freetime, alongside university, I have been completing character based commissions: primarily among D&D communities, however I have also completed a book cover illustration which is available on Amazon currently.

Something that I take pride in is my ability to create interesting narrative concepts, I have been extremely lucky to exercise this throughout my time on the course and as a result, have gained experience in directing such ideas every year. Beyond university, I intend to pursue some concepts that I have yet to develope. I have a couple of previously written scripts available to read upon request.