Harvey Bliss

Harvey Bliss BA (Hons) Film and Media Studies 2020

I have been studying film and media when I first started going to college. I have always been interested in filming and editing and have produced a variety of short films and documentaries throughout my time at university. My work has included working with the horror genre and my main focus has been street art, which was the subject for my first year Manchester unit and my final dissertation documentary, 'Writings on the wall'. I chose a practical dissertation piece as I have always had a passion for creating practical visual piece rather than an essay. I have created small films using a variety of styles such as interviewing and working with a fictional story. I would love to expand my skills by working with different genres and styles I have not yet worked with. 

My main area of interest is editing and being able to combine cuts of footage to create a final piece. It is something that I love to do and hope to carry on this skill with my chosen career path as an editor.