Holy Bitch (Holly) Beach

Holy Bitch (Holly) Beach BA (Hons) Fine Art 2020

“My art is a world of mystery and dreams. Centered around exposing deep truths and taboo topics. It is a conversation with myself and allows me to express emotions and ideas in a healthy, productive way. It is a cathartic process, often revealing the subconscious. I search for the essence of someone’s truth. I use androgynous, disproportioned and skewed characters, with a lens of humour, and playful energy, they take on a naïve appearance that tells a narrative of either real or imagined experiences. I incorporate different material objects that express personality or themes. I explore the vulnerability and exposure of oneself in a chaotic world. A universe of pleasure and pain. My practice mainly consists of acrylic paintings and drawings made from oil pastels, pencil and markers, with the odd sculpture here and there.”

“3 Breakfast Menu’s” -2020, acrylic on canvas
Sculpture with ‘victimless crimes’
‘Battered cod’ -2020, oil pastel
‘Born out of fear’-2019, oil pastels
‘Worms in my brain’ 2020,oil pastel
Untitled- 2020, oil pastels
‘We’re floating’ 2020, acrylic painting
Sculpture wip
‘Untitled’ 2020, acrylic on canvas