Jasper Howard

Jasper Howard BA (Hons) Fine Art 2020

I am interested in putting myself in situations where I can play with materials and composition. I try to find parameters wherein I can escape; with the hope that the results are beneficial to others. Focusing on painting, drawing and small-scale sculpture I like to work iteratively, allowing the work to show my enjoyment of form, rhythm and colour.

To paint feels like playing battleships with myself, one has to make informed guesses about what might work and create strategies. There exist material constraints, rules of the game, the coordinate K11 doesn’t exit and marks cannot be duplicated exactly. And personal constraints, where would my taste have placed the ships? Am I aware of where others have found the ships? Once you make a call, you get to see if you’ve hit on something. Using multiple actions, you can judge where might be beneficial to act next or whether a strategy has become defunct; persisting as a reminder that you require convoluted metaphors to act.

I much admire the quiet consideration of Agnes Martin’s writing, particularly with reference to making art in pursuit of an unachievable perfection. I would like to be able to follow the work and make pieces that allow for extrapolation to perfection whilst also acknowledging the ridiculousness of this task.