Layla Rostock

Layla Rostock BA (Hons) Fine Art 2020

Not Their Flesh or Bone, But Still Miraculously Their Own is an intimate portrait in film, capturing the fascinating story about the growing curiosity of an ethnic adopted child, who was originally abandoned and left in an institution, in central China during the notorious one child policy. The first chapter begins with an English couple in 1997 who wanted to adopt a second child, through to the present day with the author collating and writing the story of this heart-warming journey. It explores the subject of coming to terms with interracial adoption in a predominately Caucasian society. The film also highlights the variations of the attitudes towards adoption in the West and in China

'When we first met' 
Clara (left) Layla (right) 1999
Abandonment Certificate 1998
Beijing 1999
Tiananmen Square 1999
'Not Their Flesh or Bone But Still Miraculously Their Own'