Louis Mueller BA (Hons) Fine Art 2020

My practice is often political, much of it deals with exposing or highlighting perceived injustices in society. My work frequently focuses on current affairs- responding to events from Brexit to bulk buying of toilet paper. I often appropriate images and use slogan-style text to convey an agenda that criticises unjust leaders or authorities.

As well lampooning those I see as abusing positions of power, I am interested in memorialising or iconifying those who deserve greater recognition/respect - symbolically readjusting the balance of power by undermining those at the top and celebrating those at the bottom. Through this, I attempt to draw attention to the existing power structures in our society. 

I am interested in using images associated with an ideology to critique that position- hijacking religious symbolism to question the place of faith in a scientific world or using the imagery of propaganda posters to spread an anti-nationalist message.

Humour is also important in my work. My recent work is influenced by the humour of internet memes. I often depict specific socio/political moments in history, encouraging viewers to consider events that are underreported in the mainstream media. As well as this, much of my work in response to current affairs is rapidly created and shared on social media- making it part of an ongoing political dialogue. 

I enjoy working collaboratively with other artists and creatives, and I am part of a collective called Blank Face that carries out projects and events aimed at removing the stigma from mental health through art and design. In my work I use a variety of forms that enable public engagement- from hosting pop-up arts events with Blank Face to encouraging people to download and exhibit my Christ Whitty icons in their windows.