Megan Jane Roberts

Megan Jane Roberts BA (Hons) Fine Art 2020

My pratcice is an exploration into colour, paint materiality and subjectivity. Defined by two sections working in unison, my studio work alternates between the unique patterns of my abstract acrylic painting and the playful nature of digital manipulation. Working with the unique densities of colour, I use varying amounts of silicone within my paint mixtures to form an unstable configuration that is exploited to produce unique cellular patterns. I find satisfaction in watching the paint expand to reveal layered compositions in submission to the uncontrollable force of gravity. Using my paintings as a point of origin for my digital transformations, the on-screen explorations touch on materialistic formalism, in extending the finishing point of each work. Inspired by a childhood kaleidoscope, the smaller sections of interest shift into a forensic exploration of cells. Harnacing the digital, I zoom to explore the depths of my work, transforming patterns into new hexagonal compositions for the viewer to interpret. Despite the processing abilty of Photoshop each artwork is only a reflection of me, the creator, and my ability to use the software. Using the zoom tool introduced me to intricacies within the paint layers which allowed me to see what the eye cannot. Returning each work to a physical state, I create environments that culminate as a collaboration between traditional and contemporary methods of art. Teamed with titling my works with numbers or ‘untitled’ forces the viewer to experience the pattern and colour, with the ownness placed back on the individual to read my art and interpret their own emotional perception.