Sam Frost

Sam Frost BA (Hons) Fine Art 2020

Through my practice, I explore the subconscious, poetic encounters we have with our surroundings and the shifting nature of these environments themselves. Looking at urban and virtual environments in particular, I am intrigued with how we act within, and relate to these places. I am constantly attempting to find moments of humour, beauty and mysteriousness in the everyday.

The sense of shifting and change is reflected in the unfixed and playful nature of my practice. Works are free to move around into various configurations and forms, allowing them to have dialogues with each other, and to be seen in multiple contexts.

Working in various mediums, intuitive processes and play are used to translate my observations into form and to create particular moods. This involves finding a balance between control and chance. Embracing accidents and working with found materials - whether they be discarded objects on the street, or images from the internet – provides opportunity for the unexpected to enter my work.