Tannah Cantrell

Tannah Cantrell BA (Hons) Fine Art 2020

Following a fascination with the complexity of digital and social media, my work consists of figures and portraits that sit amongst collaged items from within the internet's archive. Using oil paints, I like to weave scenes of make-believe into panels of wood and canvas. My later works have explored themes of leisure and togetherness, combating the isolation felt amongst the epidemic that put a halt to the last year of my university experience. 

After studying, I have continued to paint around working full-time, creating commissioned pieces as well as continuing to explore my own personal investigation. 

Cards (2020)
Oil on Plywood 9mm
(2 m x 1.8 m)
Now Then (2020)
OIl on Acrylic sheet 3mm
(45 cm x 45 cm)
Dinner Table (2020)
Oil on Acrylic sheet 3mm
(45 cm x 45 cm)