Aaron Bullock

Aaron Bullock BA (Hons) Illustration with Animation 2020

During my time at Manchester School Of Art my Interests have evolved into the investigation and study of British culture taking a strong influenece from my own families working class background. I have focussed specifically on construction workers and sites over the past few months as they are the backbone of the working class comunity in the UK however I anticipate my practice expanding into other aspects of our culture.  

I have found that using Urban Sketching as a documentation tool allows me to collect a large catalogue of information over an extended period of time which I find useful in determining the direction of a project.

When I started university I found it difficult working with colour due to my colour blindness and as a result avoided using any at all. Luckily, over time I have developed my own way of working around this problem by using a combination of digital help and tactile coloured materials such as coloured paper.

School Of Digital Arts building site zine page
School Of Digital Arts building site
Comprised of multiple drawing made over several weeks.
School Of Digital Arts building site zine page
Health and safety induction on a building site