Bethany Cockcroft

Bethany Cockcroft BA (Hons) Illustration with Animation 2020

Whether it be in my animations or illustrations, I want to explore little pockets of the everyday with a sense of humour- I'm interested in looking at the things/situations/habits we have in common with each other and our interconnectedness through these shared experiences. I try to buy in as little new material as possible and work with what I've got- even if this means going through a bin or two! Using loose shapes and expressive lines, I always hope to create an image that's more evocative than literal. I think what it means to be an illustrator/animator is to have fun and experiment with each given idea and concept.

My Unit X final zine was a little collection of mini visual narratives based the idea of 'comfort objects'- using anecdotes from friends and answers from a survey I created. This idea of gathering information from others and translating it into a collaborative, shared publication (and emphasising the value of social interconnectedness/shared experiences) has inspired me to push this further and perhaps create a larger collaborative body of work! I intend to work towards accessing funding to develop this as a community project, but in the meantime I'm looking to develop my Comfort Objects project collaboratively in the form of a larger zine and perhaps an interactive website. My email/direct messages are always open for any input, stories or collaboration!

Laptop at night
Rock friendship
Teddy friend
Pen nibble
Bottle audience
Windy room