Amy Millington

Amy Millington BA (Hons) Illustration with Animation 2020

Hello! My name is Amy Millington, I am an artist and illustrator based in Manchester. My interests are in folktales, particularly Nordic in origin and the untold tales that lie almost forgotten in our shared collective memory of place. I have developed a sustained interest in this subject area due to frequent childhood trips across the UK with my grandparents in their small caravan. We would spend time exploring stone circles, silent, remote castles and the remains of buildings long since abandoned. This pervading sense of place and impression of stories waiting to be discovered has stayed with me and I keep returning to this area of research for inspiration.

My working methods can be quite experimental, I like to combine processes and mediums using both digital and physical tools, often working on found paper materials which carry their own sense of age within them. I approach my illustration in this way to allow myself freedom to create pattern and textures within my drawings without being confined to a traditional pictorial, illustrative outcome.

Within university my main interests were folktales researched from Iceland, Japan (second year) and Scandinavia. Although this interest remains, I have decided to undertake research on folktales closer to home for future projects, looking at tales and legends from across the UK.