Beatrice Robbins

Beatrice Robbins BA (Hons) Illustration with Animation 2020

My whole artistic field is fueled around my love and interest for portraits and the human figure, especially with the subject of females. My focus has evolved past wanting to just create a realistic copy of what I like and see in front of me and has moved onto exaggerating and balancing forms, shapes and features in order to make a unique and stylised illustration from my personal vision to capture diverse beauty and personality. To aid this stylisation, it’s pretty much a necessity at this point for me to include fine details with soft elegance to the majority of my pieces in order for me to feel satisfied with them, I want to be able to show off the skills I’ve been practising for years to create a high-quality piece that I can be proud of. However, stand-alone illustrations can be extremely hard to make a living off of so I’ve been branching out into graphic novels, character design and poster art to explore the ways I can expand on my existing work in a professional industry environment whilst keeping my love for portraits and the human figure as the main focus.