Jan Randen Bautista

Jan Randen Bautista BA (Hons) Illustration with Animation 2020

My work focuses on the sensitive narratives of the day to day, partly influenced by my newfound interest in poetry. In these fleeting moments, I seek to capture the feelings of daily observations of life through illustration. I am particularly influenced by the layouts of art nouveau posters, the lyrical linework and the subdued palette tied with the movement. As for working methods, I like navigating the middle-ground working between analogue and digital. Editorial illustration, illustration within design projects, and motion graphics are areas I'm interested in working within an industry context.

My personal practice focuses on drawing and emotional wellbeing and I am interested in developing my work on this, particularly in relation to men's mental health. My book Poems for Men, created during the last few weeks, engages with men's emotional states through drawing. I am interested in building the scope and profile of this work further, curating related exhibitions, seeking project funding and potentially running workshops.