Amina Khan

Amina Khan BA (Hons) Interactive Arts 2020


My practise and interests are expansive, they range from photography, videography to textiles and animation. My work seeks inspiration from childhood, culture, religion and fashion. I examine both current and historic personal and vicarious multi-sectoral spaces and the people they shape.

Good Morning 

Good Morning is a collection of work exploring the transgressions of communication between loved ones with the kitsch visual culture of Pakistani Whatsapp gifs as the subject. These gif greetings are a well-known part of daily interaction in diasporic communities, many of them religious prayers, greetings and well wishes. This aesthetic is appropriated in order to portray the reality of immigration alongside often concealed relationships using films that were contextual cultural milestones. Although it is unlikely a family member would ever send this assortment of fond parodies over Whatsapp, it is pleasant to remain in this fantasy, even for a moment. 

To view the gif work in it's original form please use this link: