Deshawn Moore BA (Hons) Interior Design 2020

Over my final year, I dedicated my major project to studying the importance of design sensitivity for people who have experienced domestic trauma. I am interested in the way a building can cater to every sensitive need of those seeking comfort and safety, to create a place where they can regain control over their lives.

“The House of Eve” seeks to welcome women suffering from domestic abuse into this new environment to regain their hope, with a helping hand. One of the main reasons for women staying with an abusive partner is having nowhere to go, making this significantly harder when children are involved.

Within the space, strategic designs have been adopted with the intention of providing safety and ease of mind. Cotton fabric hangings nestle in two of the building’s original arches, to allow unobstructed vision into the other areas of the building. A similar strategy is adopted on the opposing side, with a timber partition wall that curves with fluidity between the main communal space and the children’s play area.

In 2018 1,300,000 women suffered from domestic abuse. 16% of violent crime is domestic abuse, though domestic abuse is least likely to be reported to the police, meaning the real percentage is unknown. The House of Eve aims to allow these women to speak out and escape the abuse they have been subjected to. I have designed this space not only for functionality, but with the protagonist of a female victim and her children in mind.