Edward Gatley

Edward Gatley BA (Hons) Interior Design 2020


Zeal is a 24hr drop in wellbeing centre designed to aid in any type of work or home related stress within Manchester.

The goal is to create a space within Manchester which is available for those who feel isolated within their home/work life and feel the need to discuss their issues in a safe and secure environment. At the planning stage, I was leaning towards the idea of creating a wellbeing fair within the Blossom Street building; as I’ve got experience working on open days, and as I’m a practical designer, I felt I could include these two elements together, and create a space dedicated to more than one thing. Essentially, I was planning to add multiple methods of relaxation, and introduce them to employees who suffer from work related stress, have a one to one seating area where they can discuss their issues in privacy, and essentially create a space available for the people of Manchester.

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