Hannah Gan BA (Hons) Interior Design 2020

Homelessness is contemporary social issue in Manchester. Although there are a few charities and organisations that provide an array of services to those facing homelessness, research shows that the percentage of homeless men receiving support and services is much higher than homeless women. 

When asked, the majority of homeless women said that they would be more inclined to seek help in a less male-dominated environment due to past experiences and social stigma.

The Hope House is an all-female recovery home that occupies the previous Mustard Tree in Ancoats. It is designed for homeless women who seek mental and social support, with the ultimate aim to help them gain confidence and become re-integrated into society. 

The foundation of the design for The Hope House gravitates towards a holistic approach that evokes the feeling and warmth of ‘home’. Part of the space is comprised of a social area which will encourage the patients to interact with, and provide extra support for each other. Alongside this space, The Hope House organises and offers supplementary sessions such as skills workshops and sharing hours as part of the important recuperation process.