Ieuan Williams

Ieuan Williams BA (Hons) Interior Design 2020

Joint winner of Creative Leap Award 2020

Agronomist Fuse, a space that thrives off a historic culture providing a platform for the local farmers who have taken time to provide for the community by creating a destination where they can sell their produce to the public. Through social and cooperative encouragement, the space creates a harmonious society while also working to create a sustainable local economy. Situated in the heart of Ancoats, Agronomist Fuse works by creating stepping stones to an eco-friendly future. The space is a no-waste zone by encouraging the use of re-usable packaging and providing customers with biodegradable bags for fruits and vegetables. The Culinary Workshop located in the space works by using produce which may not be suitable for sale but is still delicious, reducing waste and minimising the effects that can be caused to the natural environment. The space honours Manchester’s local farmers and creates a profitable market for the local farming industry, successfully saving the culture and farmland. Besides being a community hub which encourages social and meaningful interactions Agronomist Fuse also provides a place which influences healthy eating choices through the use fresh produce, building a sustainable community. The design features central stalls which are the heart of the building and the main location where consumers can buy produce. Creating this location for the farmers provides a space to spread awareness on agricultural issues which can be seen in current society while also providing healthy food to the people of Manchester. By expressing their knowledge on the horticulture lifestyle, this encourages current and future generations to take up farming and creates a foundation to a healthy and happy future.