Isabelle Locke

Isabelle Locke BA (Hons) Interior Design 2020

Everyday we move from space to space. Our core interaction with the outside world is through interiors. As a designer, I strive to push the boundaries between the known and the unexpected, using innovative materials to manipulate perceptions. This has been thoroughly explored in my Final Major Project- The Craving.

The Craving is an emulsion of food and science which creates a synesthetic experience. Combining experimentation, observation and education, results in an immersive and theatrical space encouraging play through illusion.

Synaesthesia, a perceptual phenomenon that leads to a crossover of the sensory pathways in the brain, this causes stimulation of multiple senses.  

The first element within the building, the bar (Liquids) and a restaurant (Compounds) are both located on the ground floor. Compounds serves experimental food and Liquids serves inventive drinks. In both, the public have access to the revolutionary Bio Safety bar and the opportunity to be taken on an exploration of the senses.

The second element ‘The Craving Experience’, offers an exclusive personal journey bringing together scientific exploration and a sensory experience. The sensory and cognitive pathways collide as the subject is led through The Craving Experience. Their personal taste will be investigated through experimentation of edible liquids and compounds. At the end of the journey the subject will receive a personalized ‘Perfect Meal’ decided by the results from the experimentation.

To enhance the synesthetic experience the key materials (Mirro Plus) used throughout will reflect the unique concept. An inventive mirror material will be used on key touch points to cause confusion as the subject’s hands are swallowed by the elasticated reflective material. Leading the subjects to question what is real and what is an illusion...