Kate Demmerling

Kate Demmerling BA (Hons) Interior Design 2020

Special Industry Award: Winner

Judge's comment...'A high-quality project that brings out the industrial architecture through complimentary material and cohesive and well detailed design ideas...' - Lisa MacFarlane, director, Seven Architecture

Simpson Haugh Architects ‘Professional Employability' Award: Winner

Judge's comment...'Visually strong, cohesive composition comprising a clear set of concept diagrams and plans together with legible and realistic vignettes with a good sense of materiality...' - Rachel Haugh, founding partner


Waulk Mill... the re-imagined workspace, pioneering the future of how we work, providing a 24/7 serviced workspace which aims to connect people and businesses and accelerate the careers of the younger workforce whilst putting the users’ wellbeing at its core.

The project works towards meeting the needs of the protagonists, focusing on younger generations and their expectations for a human-centred workplace. Waulk Mill provides spaces to suit different modes of work, so individuals can work with maximum flexibility and minimum constraints. Research showing that Generation Z respond best to mentoring as a form of leadership in the workplace has informed the concept and design of the project, with the ambition to ease graduates into the world of work and encourage healthy ways of working through mentoring opportunities with other members.

Waulk Mill is designed to provide around the clock amenities to meet work, social and leisure needs of its members, as well as opening up some of its facilities to the public in hope to enrich the local community and break down traditional barriers between commercial workplaces and the community that surrounds them.

Waulk Mill, the workplace of the future.