Olivia Snow BA (Hons) Interior Design 2020

The concept for my Final Major Project provides an opportunity to be a retail destination that bridges designers and buyers thanks to its unique notion. This transparent platform will encourage young designers/ seamstresses to create freely and build a name for themselves, whilst allowing consumers to collaborate with them adding affordable, unique pieces to their garment collection, or making alterations to clothes that they find within the shop. 

The idea enables everyone to express themselves through clothing and design, via the sale of inexpensive clothing, working in collaboration with a variety of clothing brands.

“Sample Sales are used by retail businesses in order to discard excess merchandise. These sales are an opportunity to get near perfect garments at a fraction of the price.”

The vision was to transform two stories of an existing warehouse and create an atmosphere and space that would enable ‘The Runway Project’ to evolve into a sustainable business that would address environmental issues.

Having subconsciously swayed towards retail design throughout my time at University, I thoroughly enjoyed this project.