Sarah Cox BA (Hons) Interior Design 2020

Sheppard Robson ID:SR Industry Award: Winner

Original Concept: Winner Judge's comment...'in depth research into context and site which then fully informed the concept. Elegant and restrained main visuals, with a potentially equally inspired backdrop...'.

Ecco un poco reinvents Hallé St Peters Church creating a little piece of Italy. The Italian ice cream heritage of Ancoats provides inspiration for the space both conceptually and in informing the design process. 

The space combines the old with the contemporary creating a unique environment. It welcomes visitors of all ages to enjoy a variety of experiences: guided tours of the ice cream factory, history installations, tasting, instagrammable spaces and the mezzanine café. The Square is used to promote local independent businesses, to collaborate with the Ancoats’ walking tour and grow produce. 

My design philosophy is based around conceptually approaching the brief, site sensitivity and the use of narrative to inform the design process. While choreographing a unique environment it remains realistic, practical and functional. The clear, concise, minimal design caters for the broad protagonist. There is design for play and the younger child with a sophisticated outcome for the older occupant.

Additionally, the local and sustainable sourcing of materials and produce, the repurposing of items and the close collaboration with local businesses and the community are key elements of the project.