Shaima Hassan Ben Hsain

Shaima Hassan Ben Hsain BA (Hons) Interior Design 2020

This project is to understand the need of young travellers that come to Manchester, and the aim was to gather them together. The space has two floors. On the ground floor there is two entrances, one that is the main entrance that takes you to the reception and lobby area where you can have the check in, and the other one is where the bar is and it’s open for the whole public. In the bar there is seatings for people that want to come in and have some refreshments and some quick snacks and there are pods for a more private time while eating. On one side there is a double glass door that takes you to the show room so people can take their drinks there and enjoy a good time watching performances. On the first floor there is a seating area in the middle, and that is for people that stay in the hostel only, so it is more like a private area where they can have more of a quite time. There is a void that you can see through it and be able to see the ground floor but only the seating area of the reception, the void was made to create some drama in the space and to keep connected both floors. There are nine rooms, three of them are deluxe rooms for couples and two people only where there is a king sized bed and a private bathroom and the other six are mixed dormitories for groups of people whether they know each other or not. The capacity of the hostel rooms is fifty six. There are separate showers for female and male and each of them have four shower cubicles, there is lockers to put put the belongings there while showering.